DMH Free Webinars – Tools for Everyone

January 04, 2024: Registration
January 10, 2024: Registration
January 16, 2024: Registration
January 25, 2024: Registration
January 31, 2024: Registration

Presenters: Kathleen Deppeler, Director of Positive Supports
Terri Werner, Central Area Positive Supports Consultant Lead
Brandy Allen, Northern Area Positive Supports Consultant Lead
Katherine Earll, Eastern Area Positive Supports Consultant Lead

Tools of Choice is an evidence-based program focused on the implementation of universal positive practices. This two-hour introductory training is open to community members, parents, and professionals. It covers key concepts of the Tools of Choice curriculum, including: What is behavior, building positive relationships, and how to increase desirable behavior. Join the Positive Support Consultants in learning strategies to make positive change by implementing universal positive practices.

Registration is also available on the Upcoming Webinar Webpage.