RAI Process from Start to Finish

April 9-10, 2024: In-Seat Workshop
June 18-19, 2024: In-Seat Workshop
August 13-14, 2024: In-Seat Workshop
October 29-30, 2024: In-Seat Workshop
December 10-11, 2024: Live Virtual Workshop

This workshop will look at the RAI process from beginning to end and at each item of the MDS. The MDS is used for both a clinical and a financial assessment and will discuss the rules on scheduling these assessments and meeting the clinical & financial requirements. This includes a basic understanding of PDPM and how it correlates within the RAI process. This virtual workshop reviews how to gain access to and read the MDS reports from CASPER to self-audit your RAI process and look at your QMs. This workshop is designed for the MDS Coordinator and Care Plan Coordinator, or for the DON or ADM who needs a better understanding of the complexity of the RAI Process.