VOYCE’s Upcoming Education Events

VOYCE Community Education Series

September 19, 2023: Guidance on Guardianship and Public Administration
October 17, 2023: Dealing with Dementia: When is it Time to Take the Keys Away?
November 16, 2023: Put Yourself First While Planning the Last Chapter
December 12, 2023: Aging in Place Part 1: What’s in it for Me?
January 16, 2023: Aging in Place Part 2: Comparing Programs and Financials

VOYCE believes it is essential for long-term care residents, their loved ones, and the professionals who care for them to have up-to-date knowledge on topics affecting their community. That is why VOYCE’s Education Program is vital to fulfilling its mission. VOYCE provides free education to empower individuals and families to make better-informed decisions about the continuum of care and better understand those personally and professionally connected to aging adults. Join VOYCE for free webinars monthly on imperative topics affecting individuals and their families across the continuum of care.


August 30, 2023: For the Love of Quality Care: Implementing Innovative Education

Advocates for quality care, caregivers, family and friends, and aging care professionals; this webinar is truly for everyone! Training and education on dementia, meaningful activities, and person-centered care should be practice-focused and brief. Join VOYCE to learn about the practice videos and modules available and how to disseminate them, and you’ll be one step closer to ensuring quality care for all! Saint Louis University’s Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program, along with Memory Care Home Solutions, has developed brief practice videos and modules on topics important for professionals in long-term care and other care settings. They include topics like loneliness and isolation, polypharmacy, infection, meaningful activities, geriatric assessment, dementia, and more. This presentation will provide insight into the use of these resources and the positive impact they have on training and outcomes for consumers. This event is free and open to all who are interested.


October 10, 2023: Summit to Protect Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities

VOYCE will host a series of four stakeholder summits to hear from the community and professional stakeholders about their experiences with Missouri’s abuse response system. October’s summit is the second in the series. The summits are open to everyone, as we are all stakeholders in responding to abuse, neglect, and exploitation. We hope to use this time to gather pain points from the community and learn how the system can be improved. The input received from the Stakeholders Summit will be used to create our final project- a strategic plan for restructuring and improving the system. Please register in advance to join.


October 12, 2023: Professional Development: Residents’ Rights Regarding Sex and Intimacy

Sexual rights are human rights at all stages of life. This presentation will shed light on the challenges older adults face regarding sexuality, including physical changes, personal and societal stigmas around older adults’ sexual activity, isolation, changes in brain functioning, and the loss of a partner. Those who provide services must understand their role in treating sexual expression as a right and serving all patients holistically and with dignity.