COMRU Survey Access Code

COMRU is providing the following guidance regarding the online application entitled “Application started prior to 07-16-2023” (the green link).

COMRU will be providing you with a “Survey Access Code”; please note this is different from the return code.

  • The “Survey Access Code” will allow the submitter to access the application to check the status.
  • If the submitter clicks “Submit- Ready for Processing by COMRU” or “Save and Return Later”, the submitter will be provided with a “Return Code”. At this point, the “Survey Access Code AND the “Return Code” will be needed to access the application in the future.
  • Please do not click the “Start Over” button, as this will DELETE the Entire Application. (COMRU will not be able to retrieve the application if this occurs).

Please do not hesitate to contact COMRU at 573-522-3092 for any questions.