Health Education Unit Announcements

Knowledge tests for 1/1/23-4/5/23 show students passed at 64.11%

These areas are below 80%:

  • Aging Process and Restorative Care – 79%
  • Basic Nursing Skills – 78%
  • Disease Process – 78%
  • Role Responsibility – 77%
  • Communication – 80%

*If your students have failed a test, please have your students review their tests so they know what areas that need more attention before retesting.

Skills tests given from 1/1/23-4/5/23 show students passed at 79.05%

Students scored the lowest on the areas below:

  • Blood Pressure – 78.85%
  • Feeding a Dependent Resident – 85.45%

NOTE: HEU and Headmaster met with our Test Advisory Panel in March to address some changes in the skills test and knowledge test. These changes will be effective on July 1, 2023 so please check the Missouri Headmaster Website for the most recent version of the Candidate Handbook.


CNA Live Renewals Coming Soon

HEU is excited to announce the “new” process for CNA Renewals as it is close to going “LIVE” on May 1, 2023.

Please email Headmaster at if you have not setup your employer profile. This will give the employer the option to verify employment and pay for the renewal for their CNA staff. This process will increase efficiency and time as it is all done electronically for the CNA and the employer. We have included a link to review the process in a How To Guide and will be offering several Q & A webinars. Please see below: