Health Education Update

Attention all CNA’s going inactive in January 2023

Please log into TMU at Welcome | MO TMU ( and renew your certification. If you have never logged into TMU and entered a current email address, you will need to call the Health Education at 573-526-5686 or Headmaster D & S at 800-393-8664 for assistance.

After accessing your profile and updating your demographics, please see the attached step-by-step instructions on the process in TMU to renew your certification. Please ensure you have the required documentation to upload into TMU.

The regulation is shown below:

19CSR30-84.010 (18)(B) CNAs shall submit documentation (e.g., pay stubs, W-2, letter from employer, etc.) of work in nursing or nursing related services for at least one (1) day (e.g. eight (8) hours) within each twenty-four- (24-) consecutive month period to maintain active status. Documentation shall be submitted to the department approved third party test administrator and a fee will be assessed for each renewal.

**NOTE- If you are a CMT, please remember that you still need to renew your CNA to remain active.

New options for employment verification for CNA renewals coming soon, please watch for the announcement!

You may contact the Health Education Unit at 573-526-5686 for questions or email us at