Health Education Unit – CNA Testing Results

The Health Education Unit would like to share pass/fail results of CNA tests taken over the last three months. The CNA test consists of two parts, the Knowledge Test and Skills Test. Also included below are the most missed skills and vocabulary words.

Knowledge Test
September – 151 passed/101 failed
October – 186 passed/116 failed
November – 186 passed/96 failed

Skills Test
September – 187 passed/37 failed
October – 186 passed/22 failed
November – 186 passed/32 failed

Most missed skills: taking blood pressure, pulse and respirations
Most missed vocabulary words: diet and ischemia

** Please remember to use the Headmaster Student Handbook for preparation of the knowledge and skills exam. The handbook contains information such as the ID requirements, examples of test questions, audio and virtual options for the knowledge test, testing policies, vocabulary words and test results. The handbook on Headmaster’s website can be found at D&S – Missouri Nurse Aide (