Online Course for CNA Instructor Required 4-Hour Update

MANHA and MHCA provided in-seat update training in 6 locations earlier this year. We are now offering the update training online. To access you can go to click on Course Groups. You will find the “CNA Instructor 4 Hour required update” under Train the Trainer course group. Once you complete you will NOT need to do anything else if course is 100% complete. August 30th we will report all RNs who have completed the training to DHSS, Health Education Unit and you will be updated on the registry.

The objectives of this course will meet the elements of the required training to include:

  1. Instruction on how to complete form DHSS-DRL-111 (08-20), Classroom and On-the-Job Training Record;
  2. Instruction on the fundamentals of adult learning;
  3. Instruction in at least one (1) area regarding standards of practice in long term care such as pressure ulcer prevention, dining practices, or resident rights issues;
  4. Instruction on providing care for cognitively impaired residents;
  5. Review of the Nursing Assistant Training Program regulations contained in 19 CSR 30-84.010; and
  6. Review of the administration and resident care requirements contained in 19 CSR 30-85.042.

Any instructor who has not completed the required four (4) hour update training by August 30, 2022, and every five (5) years thereafter shall be removed from the department-approved list of instructors. If removed from the department’s list, the instructor shall attend and successfully complete the Nursing Assistant Instructor Workshop in order to be reinstated to act as an instructor.