MANHA Dementia Programing Seminar

April 7, 2022: Independence
April 27, 2022: Lake Ozark
April 28, 2022: St. Louis

Dementia Programming: A Hands-on Approach

Understanding and managing dementia is difficult, even on the good days. This seminar will focus on a presentation of practical knowledge for the care of individuals with dementia in long-term care, including a brief overview of dementia as an illness including the various types and symptoms and the stages of the illness. By identifying the progression of the disease, you can tailor the care and communication to fit the needs of the resident in a compassionate and person-directed way. You will also learn the practical steps of running an effective dementia unit in a long-term care facility, including the regulations that apply specifically to this type of care. This hands-on workshop will give you real-time practice and knowledge for not only interpreting the difference between actions and “behaviors”, but it will expand your understanding of clinical symptoms versus human reactions and building that knowledge into a safe, compassionate, living environment that is supportive to your residents and your staff.