VOYCE Community Education Series

February 8, 2022: What You Need to Know About Leaving a Nursing Home BEFORE You Move In
Presenter: Chien Hung, Program Director, VOYCE

What is a legitimate and legal nursing home discharge? How does a long-term care community avoid an unfortunate discharge scenario, or how do we get it done the right way? What are the resident’s rights? What are the important questions to ask and proper answers to anticipate? Where to find helpful information and resources? What can be done to contest or appeal a discharge?

March 8, 2022: The Role of a Care Manager
Presenter: Kristy Bull, BSBA, CMC, Care Choice Management

Navigating the systems of care can feel like a complex and confusing experience. With so many choices and options to consider a personal care manager can help residents and their families make effective decisions on care choices and finding the right services.

April 12, 2022: End of Life Care With Death Doulas
Presenter: Dr. Maurya Cockrell

Dying is a process we will all face at some point in our life’s journey. End-of-life doulas are non-medical professionals who can help the dying make peace with the dying process. End-of-life doulas, also known as Elder Doulas, can serve the elderly for years before their expected time of death and can provide holistic physical, emotional, and spiritual care for the elderly.