LTC Bed Availability Portal

The healthcare continuum is again becoming strained with the number of positive cases across the state. This portal was originally established in November, 2020 to improve communication across the care continuum to assist in ensuring Missourians have access to the right care in the right setting.

We are renewing our request for long-term care communities to complete a brief survey each day in order to identify available beds for potential admissions. Participation in the bed availability survey is voluntary. The survey may be accessed at

The dashboard was reset at 9:00 today, January 6, so homes will need to submit an initial survey – old update links will no longer work.

Reminder: After submitting the initial survey, a confirmation email will be provided for a link to update your survey each day (instead of submitting an initial survey). Submitting an initial survey results in multiple surveys showing on the map with different bed numbers. This makes it difficult to know which totals are current. Please use the link emailed after the initial submission to edit facility bed availability. Please do not submit an “initial” submission more than once. If information does not change from day to day, the submitter can simply update the date and submit – the prior day’s information will populate.

The survey information will populate an accompanying dashboard that will be available to hospitals to use as a tool in finding placement for those patients who would be best served in a long-term care setting.

This dashboard may be accessed at

To view instructions on utilizing the dashboard, click on ‘Instructions’ under the map for information.