When to contact the Engineering Consultation Unit

We have received questions regarding when communication with Engineering Consultation Unit (ECU) is needed. When completing any of the activities listed below, please reach out to the ECU for review.

  • Additions to existing licensed facilities or premises
  • Major remodeling
  • Equipment replacement (mechanical, generator, fire alarm components)
  • Relocation of any resident use areas (physical therapy, dining rooms, conversion of rooms to resident bedrooms)
  • Creation of designated units (memory care units and special care units)
  • Removal or construction of ANY walls, doors, and ceilings – even if not located in a rated wall
  • Changing the use of existing rooms
  • Exterior changes to the building that include addition of structures (canopy, gazebo, trellis), site work such as sidewalk revisions at exit paths and lighting
  • Adding locking hardware to exit doors including interior and exterior doors
  • Roof replacement
  • Some interior finish work such as flooring and wallcovering may need to be reviewed to determine the fire rating classification.

When is ECU approval not required?

  • Interior finish work (painting, flooring, ceiling tiles)

ECU does not charge any fees to review projects.
If uncertain whether a review is needed, please contact the ECU at ECU@health.mo.gov.
Please retain all ECU correspondence with other facility records.

David East and Carrie (Brixey) Schaumburg