VOYCE Upcoming Professional Education

Professional Education Series 2021

June 29, 2021: Abuse in the Workplace: Identifying and Rectifying Abuse Towards Residents
Speaker: Robin Pendleton, Senior Staff Development Training Specialist for Adult Protective Services

Abuse and neglect in long-term care settings is an ongoing topic of concern amongst LTC professionals and advocates. Those on the front lines of care are, arguably, the best people to fight elder abuse and neglect in their communities. Learn how to identify abuse and neglect at the hands of family or caregivers. Further, learn what steps to take to protect residents – and yourself- when a coworker is a perpetrator.

July 27, 2021: How to Invest Strategically in Technology for your Long-Term Care Organization
Speaker: Amber Bardon, CEO, Parasol Alliance

Now more than ever before having a comprehensive technology strategy in place is essential for long-term care providers to succeed. In this session, learn how to build a customized technology plan for your community. Walk through how to create an actionable technology roadmap designed to meet their community’s unique business objectives and review the must-have components for any effective technology plan related to resident care, workforce collaboration, and security.

August 24, 2021: Working with Challenging Residents
Speaker: Chien Y. Hung, MSW, MA-G, RYT, Program Director of the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

Long-term care professionals will encounter individuals with a wide assortment of cultural beliefs and perceptions. Too many times, this creates situations that are deeply offensive to the caregiver. In a work setting, how can LTC professionals navigate “isms” (racism, sexism, etc.) directed at them by residents? How can you mitigate workplace toxicity and protect yourself against residents with this mindset?