MLN Annual LTC Convention

April 7-8, 2020: 67th Annual Long-Term Care Convention
Location: Margaritaville Lake Resort, Osage Beach

MLN’s primary goal during the Annual Long-Term Care Convention is to provide educational and networking opportunities that help our valued members, long-term care administrators and professionals, health care providers and guests.

A great line-up of speakers will talk on current topics that are important to you and your industry. One of our featured topics is leadership. In the presentation, Leadership: Eliminating Road Blocks on the Way to Success, attendees will develop tools to maintain strong and effective leadership while eliminating roadblocks. Effective leadership during team establishment, new processes, new PDPM, and new employee integration is not an easy task. Times and technology are always evolving in healthcare and leaders have to spearhead implementation of new, best practices and do so with a great attitude. You will learn to identify leadership tools to overcome common roadblocks in route to successful leadership.