Public Comment Announcement for 82.030

The following proposed rulemaking is published for public comment in the Missouri Register effective October 1, 2019:

  • 19 CSR 30-82.030 Assessment of Availability of Beds.

While this particular regulation set is being rescinded under the SLCR rules, facilities still have to comply with following Certificate of Need regulatory citations regarding the criteria and standards for assessment for the availability of beds:

  • 19 CSR 60-50.450
  • 197.318.1, RSMo.

This rule only outlined the procedures the SLCR was to follow when determining for the Missouri Health Facilities Review Committee whether or not a need existed in a particular locale for additional Medicaid certified beds. Additionally, the Certificate of Need Program (CON) has established its own regulations and procedures for the criteria in determining approval of long-term care beds in varying localities. Furthermore, the SLCR provides information to the CON program upon request.

Please see the Public Comment Notice for details.