Conversations with Carmen

September 20, 2019: The Validation® Method – Moving Beyond Therapeutic Lies and Redirection
Host & Presenter: Carmen Bowman

Learn how the Validation® method developed by Naomi Feil gives a means for successfully communicating with persons with dementia, something desperately needed by them, their caregivers and family members. Validation replaces the outmoded and person-devaluing methods of redirection, diversion, reality orientation, and the therapeutic lie. Validation teaches how to “exquisitely listen,” empathize, “move into” the disoriented person’s world and validate feelings. Using Validation® boosts self-esteem, builds trust and rapport and often eliminates the person’s need to live in the past by creating a warm and welcoming present. Learn about the basic Validation® techniques and the potential they hold to help persons living with dementia, even when there is a history of trauma.