REVISED Nursing Facility Level of Care Update and Release of Draft Algorithm 2.0 – Feedback Requested

In response to feedback to the original draft Nursing Facility Level of Care algorithm, revisions have been made and a revised version, Version 2.0, has been developed. Please review the draft algorithm and accompanying documents and provide feedback as directed below. Your feedback is critical to this process.

In addition to the actual revised algorithm, a level of care determination guide has been developed to serve as a summary of the DRAFT LOC Algorithm 2.0. This guide serves as a blueprint for stakeholders and participants to understand proposed LOC updates. (The DRAFT LOC Algorithm 2.0 along with the InterRAI Home Care assessment tool is specific and should be used to determine a participant’s LOC.)

InterRAI Home Care – MO Version PW
DRAFT LOC 2.0 Algorithm
Nursing Facility Level of Care (LOC) Determination Guide 4-16-2019
Participant Worksheet

Please submit feedback until May 20, 2019, by emailing your participant worksheets, determination guides and comments to

The password for the InterRAI Home Care assessment tool and any questions regarding the revised algorithm may be sent to