Have you been to a QIPMO MDS Support Group Meeting lately???

You don’t have to be an MDS Coordinator to attend

Often, the topics discussed are beneficial not only for MDS Coordinators but also for floor nurses, Social Services staff, DONs, ADONS and Administrators. You can find a schedule of meetings and topics by going to the Nursing Home Help website found at www.nursinghomehelp.org/supgr.html. Some past topics have included Quality Measures, QRP requirements, Phase 1 and 2 Regulation Implementation, discussions with the State RAI Coordinator and State Surveyors, PPS Scheduling, CAA documentation, Care Plans, MDS Review for Social Workers, Wounds, Section GG Coding, Behavior Documentation and ICD-10 Coding. You are welcome to attend any meeting anywhere in the state, no RSVP needed.