CDC NCHS Data Brief – Residential Care Facilities

CDC NCHS Data Brief – Residential Care Facilities: A Key Sector in the Spectrum of Long-Term Care Providers in the United States

Data from the 2010 National Survey of Residential Care Facilities:

  • In 2010, residential care facilities (RCFs) totaled 31,100, with 971,900 beds nationwide
  • About one-half of RCFs were small facilities with 4–10 beds.  The remainder comprised medium facilities with 11–25 beds (16%), large facilities with 26–100 beds (28%), and extra large facilities with more than 100 beds (7%)
  • One-tenth of all RCF residents lived in small RCFs and about that percentage (9%) lived in medium facilities, while the majority resided in large (52%) or extra large (29%)  RCFs
  • About 4 in 10 RCFs had one or more residents who had some or all of their long-term care services paid by Medicaid
  • Larger RCFs were more likely than small RCFs to be chain-affiliated and to provide occupational therapy, physical therapy, social services counseling, and case management

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