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Section for Long-Term Care Regulation

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Jefferson City, MO 65102
Telephone: 573-526-8524

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New Generations – Quarterly Newsletter

The Section for Long-Term Care Regulation’s quarterly newsletter, formerly known as the LTC Bulletin, now has a new title: New Generations.

This title reflects a new era in long-term care, an increased focus on culture change initiatives and our commitment to be responsive to the demands that a new generation of residents, their families and the public are making on nursing homes and regulatory agencies. Person-centered care and the creation of true “home” environments are fast becoming the expectation rather than the exception and the Section must continue to provide relevant regulatory guidance applicable to every type of person who resides in Missouri’s Skilled Nursing, Intermediate Care, Assisted Living and Residential Care homes – and to the people who work in them, too.

Like the homes we strive to serve, our newsletter continues to evolve and improve based on feedback from readers and our own efforts toward quality assurance. New Generations is available on our website, along with an archive of previous newsletters. If it’s useful, we hope you will share it with others; if you think there are ways it could become more useful, we hope you will share those ideas with us.

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