End-of-Life Care Manual: Online Questionnaire

A committee has formed to revise and improve the manual titled “Guidelines for End-of-Life Care in Long-Term Care Facilities.”  The current manual is available at http://health.mo.gov/seniors/nursinghomes/lawsregs.php.

The committee values your input!  Would you help to improve this manual by taking a minute to complete a short online questionnaire?  Please visit www.surveymonkey.com/s/MOEOLC.

If you have any questions, please contact Rita Summers, Missouri Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, at rita.summers@health.mo.gov or 573-751-6335.

MU Leadership Development Academy for Nurse Leaders and Nursing Home Administrators in Long Term Care – April 2014

A Certificate Program offered by the University of Missouri to strengthen the RN-NHA Leadership Connection for Better Outcomes in Long-Term Care

April 2014 – October 2014:  Kansas City and Springfield

The next MU Leadership Development Academy for Nurse Leaders and Nursing Home Administrators in Long Term Care starts in April.  Long-term care can be challenging, but the Academy will help you better manage daily crises and get the most out of your employees, all while earning over 40 hours of CE credit.  The Academy has been proven to increase leadership skills and improve confidence, which will help to create a working environment that encourages teamwork and quality improvement.  Registration is open – please visit http://nursingoutreach.missouri.edu.

MU Infection Control Train-the-Trainer Workshop for RNs in Long-Term Care

MU Infection Control Train-the-Trainer Workshop for RNs in Long-Term Care

Provided by the University of Missouri in cooperation with DHSS

March 4, 2014:  You are invited to send a RN to a complimentary train-the-trainer workshop!  Please view the flyer here: MU Infection Control Complimentary Train the Trainer Workshop March 4, 2014, or visit http://nursingoutreach.missouri.edu/infectioncontoltraining.aspx.

New Generations Quarterly Newsletter – Winter 2014

The Section for Long-Term Care has published New Generations – Volume 12, Issue 1, Winter 2014.  This issue is now available on our website, along with an archive of previous newsletters.  Please visit http://health.mo.gov/seniors/nursinghomes/providerinfo.php.

8th Annual Patient Safety Conference

March 21, 2014:  Safe Care: Our Focus 24/7/365 

Announcement from the Center for Patient Safety

Join healthcare providers from a variety of settings and disciplines as nationally renowned speakers describe how to develop and deepen safety culture at the 2014 Annual Patient Safety Conference in St. Louis. 

Highlights include keynote addresses by Stephen G. Post, PhD, who will discuss “Doing Good and Feeling Better: A Deeper Look at Professionalism in Health Care,” and Michael Leonard, MD, who will address “Embedding Safety and Reliability as Organizational Values to Create Sustainable Safety Excellence.”  Both can nourish efforts to develop a successful culture that will support QAPI initiatives and organizational improvement. 

Individuals from licensed Missouri long-term care providers can attend at no charge, as part of the Center for Patent Safety grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health.  For more information, please visit www.centerforpatientsafety.org/2014conference.

Patient Safety Awareness Week

March 2 – 8, 2014:  The Center for Patient Safety is raising awareness by providing tools and resources for healthcare providers and consumers for Patient Safety Awareness Week.

8th Annual Patient Safety Conference – Call for Posters

The Center for Patient Safety invites you to submit a poster display of your great success in safe practices.

The deadline to submit posters has been extended to February 28.   

The 2014 Patient Safety Conference will be held on Friday, March 21, 2014 in St. Louis, Mo. All areas of healthcare are encouraged to share.  Please visit http://www.centerforpatientsafety.org/2014/02/10/call-for-poster-presentations-at-8th-annual-conference/.

Good Care Should be a Given!

January 17, 2014:  Conversations with Carmen

Guest: Maricel Glova, RN, Action Pact Consultant and experienced DON.

Quality of life includes quality of care. In your community, do residents get to the bathroom when they need to? Better yet, are residents’ bathroom needs anticipated?  In addition to the obvious benefits, this also leads to preventing falls. Is mouth care happening regularly every day? Are medications administered according to residents’ schedules? And is sleep honored according to the person’s circadian rhythm?

Hear strategies for the varying stages of culture – from traditional to households – for ensuring that good care is a given. Only then can a resident achieve highest practicable well-being. This is not only a great idea but also a federal requirement.

To learn more and register for this web-based talk show, please visit www.actionpact.com/calendar/event_details/conversations_with_carmen_webinar.

To learn more about Action Pact, click on the links below:




Long-Term Care Survey on Patient Safety

The Center for Patient Safety is offering a web-based version of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Survey of Resident Safety Culture.  This survey is designed to identify strengths and challenges of the safety culture in nursing homes through input from staff, but could also apply in other long-term care environments.  This survey process is normally a fee-based service, but is temporarily available at no charge to Missouri-licensed long-term care communities.  For more information, please visit www.centerforpatientsafety.org/culturesurvey today!

MDS and Flu Season

CMS posts the public Quality Measures on Nursing Home Compare, and consumers are able to view the percentage data that your nursing home offered and administered the flu vaccine during the current or most recent influenza season.

The 3.0 Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) manual does not provide specific dates for influenza season.  This has prompted Missouri facilities to ask what dates are considered the influenza season in Missouri, in order to correctly code the MDS, which will be reflected in their Quality Measures.  Seasonal flu monitoring and reporting to the CDC in Missouri begins in early October and extends well in to the month of May.

For MDS coding purposes, if the resident is not in the facility between October 1 and May 31, you should code in Section O:  “Resident not in facility during this year’s flu season.”  For residents who are in the facility from October 1 through the last week of May, the facility is required to offer the flu vaccine as long as it is “reasonably available,” which means that it is still available to be ordered from your local pharmacy or supplier.

If you have any questions, you may contact Joan Brundick, State RAI Coordinator, at 573-751-6308 or email joan.brundick@health.mo.gov.

Health Advisory: pH1N1 Influenza

Health Advisory:  Pandemic pH1N1 Virus-Associated Illnesses and the Influenza Season in Missouri (12.26.13)

CDC Health Advisory:  Notice to Clinicians: Early Reports of pH1N1-Associated Illnesses for the 2013-14 Influenza Season (12.24.13)

Health Alerts, Advisories, and Updates are available on the Department of Health and Senior Services website.  For the most current information, please visit: http://health.mo.gov/emergencies/ert/alertsadvisories/index.php.

Flu Season is Here

Homes are required to offer the flu vaccine to all of their residents.  Vaccination of your healthcare workers, although not mandated, is also important in preventing the spread of flu in your home.  Encouraging your staff to receive the vaccination can also help reduce absenteeism due to illness and reduce the costs of care associated with ill residents. 

Flu season information is available on the CDC website at www.cdc.gov/flu/index.htm.

Important Notice – Family Care Safety Registry Worker Registration Fee Increase

Effective November 1, 2013, the Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) Worker Registration fee will increase to $11.00.  The fee increase results from a change in state law and is required by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.  The FCSR online registration system will be updated effective November 1, 2013 to charge the new fee.  Worker registration forms mailed with the incorrect fee postmarked on or after November 1, 2013, will be returned.  Updated worker registration forms will be available for download no later than October 31, 2013 online at http://health.mo.gov/safety/fcsr/forms.php.  You may also contact the FCSR toll free at 866-422-6872.